If you get this message or something similar:

"Fair use message: You're going too fast. Please try again later." Or "OpenAI's generation limit exceeded. Please try again after 1 hour."

This simply means you hit either the per-minute or per-hour generation limits imposed by OpenAI.

Read also: What's our fair use policy?

Writing tools have different limits, so it's hard to say what exactly the limit is for your use case.

So far, less than 1% of our users have an issue with this.

We're working with OpenAI to expand these limits, so users can enjoy a smoother experience.

In the meantime, here's what you should do:

  • Wait for another hour before generating more.
  • Do not open multiple tabs/windows while generating content. This is a sure way to breach those limits.
  • Take note of the tool you're using that causes this. Spread out the usage of this tool over time instead of using it repeatedly over a short period.

If the above still doesn't help, contact support@wordhero.com to see how we can help you resolve your issues.