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We've got some amazing updates for you!

September 2022

  • 09/16: Let your imagination run wild and see what you can create using the help of the new Mini Story tool!
  • 09/15:  Whether you need to greet someone for a special occasion or just want to say hi, the Greetings tool is here, and makes it easy to personalize your greetings!
  • 09/13: The Pros and Cons tool is here! Quickly weigh the pros and cons of any product, or situation.
  • 09/07: We've just added the Switch Language button in Generator Mode results, so you can easily toggle between your chosen language output and English.

  • 09/07: Woohoo! 'Tones' is now available as an input field in some tools in Generator Mode (Home Screen)!
  • 09/07: We've just released a fix where some items appear cut off on the Marketing Ideas tool!
  • 09/07: YAY! A fix has just been released for the Write More button where sometimes weird characters appear!

August 2022

  • 08/31: Check out our new Real Estate Listing Description tool – This is going to be a huge help for anyone trying to create property listings.
  • 08/19: Need to respond to a review? The new Review Responder tool is here and ready to help!
  • 08/13: The "Product Benefits" tool has just been renamed to "Features to Benefits!"
  • 08/13: Need more help writing your sales pages? We have a new tool that can help! It's called Product Benefit Statements.
  • 08/01: Ready for another new tool? The Product Story tool is here! This tool will help you create exciting, engaging backstory for your product, or service.

July 2022

  • 07/26: We've just released a new writing tool, Fictional Story Narration! This will help you in creating exciting, engaging stories that your readers will love!
  • 07/21: Tones (Beta) is finally available in some tools in Generator Mode! This has been a much-requested feature, and we're so excited to finally offer it to our users. Check out this help document to learn more: https://help.wordhero.co/article/105-new-feature-tones-beta

June 2022

  • 06/30: We created quick links to the documentation for each tool on the home screen, so you can easily learn how to use them! Click the question mark icon.
  • 06/30: You can now pin your favorite tools to the top in Generator Mode (Home! This makes it super easy to access them quickly when you need them.
  • 06/09: We just added two new writing tools that are going to help you take your sales pages to the next level - the Sales Page Guarantee and the Sales Page Opener!

May 2022

  • 05/24: We've just updated the Bullet Point Expander tool! It's even better than before.
  • 05/18: We've released an incredible new tool that will help you write attention-grabbing headlines for your sales pages - Sales Page Headlines.
  • 05/10:  Minor bug fixes! We squashed all the little pests that have been bugging us! Minor bug fixes! We squashed all the little pests that have been bugging us!

April 2022

  • 04/22: We've just released not one, but TWO new tools: Press Release and Job Description - check them out!
  • 04/20: A much-needed update to our customer billing management! Updating your plan is now much easier.
  • 04/11: WordHero now supports 108 language outputs. Check out the supported languages here:
    What are the supported languages?
  • 04/11: You can now mark your favorite results (star icon), so you can quickly find them on the History page!
  • 04/07: We've got a new update for you all - check out the new History page! You can now easily find the previously generated content from each tool.
  • 04/07: Minor bug fixes! We squashed all the little pests that have been bugging us!

March 2022

  • 03/26: We've just added a new feature to make your life much easier and your articles so much better - The Keyword Assistant! You can now input keywords the AI will use when generating content in the Long-Form Editor.
  • 03/14: The Blog Paragraphs tool is now integrated into the Editor (Rocket icon)! You can now quickly create content for your blog sections with ease!
  • 03/14: We've successfully fixed the sidebar issue that was overlapping with the document.
  • 03/14: Clear buttons have been added to the text fields so you can speed up removing the previous input!

February 2022

  • 02/27: We've just added Polish and Hungarian language support—more languages to come. Stay tuned!
  • 02/22: The Write More tool has been significantly improved - the outputs are much better now!

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