Inject a little bit of personality into your content. With just a few clicks, you can choose the right tone for every situation.

We have a few tools in Generator Mode that allow you to choose the tone of the output. 

How to add Tone in Editor Mode.

  1. Go to Editor Mode.
  2. Click the Document options button (Gear icon).
  3. Write the document tone.

Here is a list of tones you can try:

  • appreciative
  • assertive
  • awestruck
  • bold
  • candid
  • casual
  • cautionary
  • compassionate
  • convincing
  • critical
  • dramatic
  • earnest
  • enthusiastic
  • excited
  • feminine
  • formal
  • funny
  • grumpy
  • humble
  • humorous
  • informative
  • inspirational
  • joyful
  • masculine
  • passionate
  • professional
  • sarcastic
  • secretive
  • thoughtful
  • urgent
  • witty
  • worried


  • The AI will attempt to use the tone specified, but it will be on a best-effort basis. WordHero also accepts other tones besides the ones listed above.
  • The AI accepts no fixed tones. You may use other tones that are not listed above.