Although you can generate unlimited characters per month on our unlimited plans, there are certain limits that are enforced by our partner OpenAI. Generation limits (per min and per hour) are there to deter automated or bot usage and keep our service safe from potential misuse & abuse. 

There's no consistent fixed limit, so it's hard to share a precise number and it is also dependent on the writing tools used. Some use cases allow 3 generations/minute while others can go up to 10 generations/minute.

Our AI engine may also restrict certain kinds of usage behavior and automatically adjusts some parameters temporarily depending on the abnormal, heavy usage pattern in a short time span. You might notice a deterioration in the quality and/or speed of the output when such activity is detected by the system. Typically, this is temporary and will resolve itself after a few hours. This is to prevent our servers and our partners' from becoming overloaded, and to promote fair use.

It is also observed that fast and/or repeated generations have some impact on the quality of output as well. This is due to the controls set by our AI provider but we don't have any visibility over this process.

Rest assured that 99% of regular users rarely face these issues - they're expected to generate, read & edit the outputs, before generating again.

If you feel you've been facing issues with output quality or generations, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to look into this.