Welcome to WordHero!

WordHero is a powerful AI writing tool, but we have deliberately kept the interface simple and intuitive.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of WordHero.


On the upper left-hand part of the screen, you can find 5 menu items:

  1. Home Mode: Clicking on the home button brings you to a selection of the writing tools available.
  2. Editor Mode: Also known as the long-form editor mode, this is where you can generate content and edit your articles and other content side by side.
  3. Chat ModeGenerate your content by chatting with the AI, asking it to write something for you, or getting your questions answered.
  4. Art: Our text-to-image generator that transforms your ideas into stunning images!
  5. Brand Voices: Train the AI to imitate your writing style, so the output aligns with your brand.

And on the lower left-hand side, we have the following:

  1. Help: Access our help center by clicking this button.

  2. Affiliate: Sign up as an affiliate by clicking this button or sign up here.

  3. Log out: Click this to log out your account.

On the top right of the screen, you’ll find these icons:

  1. AI model switch: By default, WordHero is set to Standard Mode (GPT-3.5). Click this button to switch to Enhanced Mode (GPT-4).

  2. Updates (Bell icon): Whenever we have important updates, you can view them by clicking this button.

  3. Circle icon with your initial: In this menu, you can access the following:

    Profile: Settings where you can update your email address and password.

    Preferences: Set the default output language and theme (light, dark)

    History: Everything you generated from the Home screen (up to 3 months) can be found on this page.

    Credits: This is where you can monitor your credit limits and see the credit reset dates. Learn more.

    Plans: See your plan details, inclusions, purchase upgrades, and add-ons.

    Billing: View and manage your subscription.

    Log out: Click this to log out your account.