Our AI partner prohibits generating social media captions directly.

To work around that, we typically  use other writing tools when it comes to writing for social media.

And that really depends on your specific niche, channel, and brand voice. There isn't really a one size fits all.

See if any of these tools suit your use case:

  • AIDA copywriting formula - direct call-to-action
  • Amazon product descriptions - directly list benefits of your product or service
  • Blog intros - write a paragraph of text
  • Explain it like a professor - write something intelligent
  • Facebook ads - write direct sales copy
  • Hook, story, offer - direct call-to-action
  • Listicles - enumerate a list of things
  • PAS copywriting formula - direct call-to-action
  • Personal opinion - a tongue-in-cheek one-liner best for Twitter or post captions
  • Product descriptions - describe your service or product
  • Poems - post something fun and original
  • Quora answers - write a paragraph of text explaining something
  • Quotable quotes - post an original quote
  • Song lyrics - post something creative, fun and artistic
  • Startup elevator pitch - post a pitch about a product or service
  • Startup slogans - post a one-liner about a product or service

We know this can be a bit confusing if you're using WordHero for the first time. We're trying to come up with better ways of making it easier for you soon. We're also working on alternative AI's to get around our AI partner's limitations. Stay tuned!

If you have further questions, contact support@wordhero.com, and we will be happy to help you.