WordHero Advanced Writer is an article generator in Editor Mode that creates unique articles using specific guidelines you set - including tone, style, key points, target audience, and more.

How to access WordHero Advanced Writer:

  • Log in to WordHero and head over to Editor Mode.

  • Click the WordHero Advanced Writer button (book icon) in the Editor toolbar.

  • After clicking on the button, the WordHero Advanced Writer window will pop up.

TIP: You can use your Brand Voice or a Writing Style by clicking the Additional Options button (+ icon).

How to write an article using WordHero Advanced Writer:

  • First, you need to create a Content Brief.

    You can use the AI-powered Content Brief Generator to generate a brief for your topic. If you have specific points to include, add them in the text box provided.

  • Click the Generate Content Brief button, and the AI will generate the brief.
  • You can make edits to the generated content brief. Once finished, click "Write for Me" and wait for the AI to complete writing.

NOTE: Your article will be ready in 15 minutes. You can exit the page and check later to see your generated article under the Documents tab.