Experience WordHero Art - an AI-powered feature that turns your text into stunning digital art. Get creative and have fun!

How to access WordHero Art:

  • Log in to your WordHero account.
  • Once logged in, you should be able to see the Art button on the header.

WordHero Art sections:

  • What would you like to draw?: This is where you type in your text prompt―the AI’s painting instruction.
  • Image Styling: This section allows you to set your image style, e.g. Cartoon, or Photography. You can also choose to add some filters like angles and lightning.
  • Generated Images: On the right side of the interface, this is where you can see your generated images.

TIP: If you need a more detailed prompt, click the 'I need ideas' button; type in your new idea, and the AI will improve it.

NOTE: Each prompt or generation consumes 4 credits and generates 4 variations of images.

How to download WordHero Art images:

1. Click the magnifying icon found on the generated images.

2. Once you click it, it will show the image in full size. Click the photo to download.

NOTE: The captions are not included in the photo